Excursions from Örebro: Tiveden, Bergslagen, Nora and a few more

Our article about excursions from Örebro contains two sections. The first section presents Tiveden and Askersund south of Örebro. In the second section you will find excursions to the north, with destinations such as Kilsbergen and Bergslagen. Let’s start in the south:

Excursions to the south: Tiveden and Askersund

In the southern part of the Örebro region we especially recommend the Tiveden National Park and the small town of Askersund by Lake Vättern.

Tiveden National Park

Tiveden National Park

Tiveden is a national park with plenty of mature forest and also some primeval forests. The area is known as Sweden’s southernmost wilderness, “vildmark”. Here lie enormous pieces of rocks that were piled up during the ice age. Underneath them you can sometimes find small pools, crevices and caves. Rare flowers, mosses and lichens grow in Tiveden.

The park is very quiet, with not even the distant sound of an aeroplane to break the silence. The area is popular with hikers, but you should be sure-footed because the terrain is stony. An information hut at the entrance of the park provides detailed maps and brochures prepared in English.

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The Lake Vättern circle tour

After the silence of Tiveden, Askersund appears busy and touristy. The small wooden town on the northern shore of Lake Vättern is popular with jazz fans and chocolate lovers. Annual highlights include a jazz festival in mid-June and a chocolate show in early September.

Next to Askersund there is the northern archipelago of Lake Vättern with approximately 250 islands and islets, where you will find bathing areas and canoe routes.

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Stjernsund Castle

Across from Askersund and right on the waterfront is the Stjernsund Castle (sometimes also spelled “Stjärnsund”). The castle dates from 1801 and is well preserved. Among other things, you can see the original furniture and original wall papers from the 1850s. There is a café and an English garden.

Lake Vättern circle tour

Tiveden, Askersund, Stjernsund Castle are also part of our recommended Lake Vättern circle tour for motorhome trips.

Excursions to the north: Kilsbergen and Bergslagen

To the north of Örebro lie the recreation area Kilsbergen, with lodges, camping, hiking trails and fishing, and the former Bergslagen mining district.

Hiking trails

Bergslagen offers excellent hiking trails: The 280 km long Bergslagsleden runs through the entire Örebro region. The trail is divided into 17 perfectly prepared and documented stages. There are also shorter looping trails perfect for daytrips. – Bergslagen is also Sweden’s biggest cycling region (leisure, mountainbike, roadbike).

Pershyttan mining town

The small mining town of Pershyttan is also in Bergslagen. Pig iron was produced here until 1953. Today it is part of a large and exciting cultural heritage site. Historic trains go between Örebro and Pershyttan, sometimes under steam.

Nora in Bergslagen

The trains also stop in Nora, one of the three best preserved wooden towns in Sweden (the other two are Hjo by Lake Vättern and Eksjö in Småland). Nora is beautifully located by Lake Norasjön. In Nora you can find cafés overlooking the lake and a nationally praised icecream, Nora Glass.

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