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What to eat and drink in Sweden

Mark Wolters likes to give honest travel advice on YouTube and on Woltersworld.com. He has travelled the world together with his wife and two kids. As a teacher and professor (at the University of Illinois) he has lived in ten countries for studying and work reasons. I think his excellent knowledge of the Nordic countries comes from a time when he lived in Helsinki, Finland.

I like his videos because they are charmingly easy-going. Mark does not take himself too seriously while still giving profound, well-researched and hands-on advice. You can feel that he is an excellent teacher (he has even got awards for his teaching excellence) and that he himself has experienced all the things he talks about in his videos.

In this video Mark recommends what you should eat and drink in Sweden. It was filmed in our hometown Gothenburg in front of the “Fish Church” market hall. As usual we will guide you through the video:

  • (at 0:20 in the video) Sweden has very good restaurants but they can be pricey. To save yourself some cash, go during the lunch time and get the lunch menus and lunch specials (“dagens rätt”).
  • (0:30) Swedish meatballs (“köttbullar”), gravy, mashed potatoes.
  • (0:55) Lingonberries.
  • (1:35) Cracker bread (“knäckebröd”).
  • (1:50) Fish, particularly salmon (grilled, gravlax).
  • (2:08) “Sill”: pickled herring.
  • (3:00) Swedish candy. Saturday candy day.
  • (3:55) Swedish pastries, cinnamon rolls (“kanelbulle”).
  • (4:30) Something different, a little weird: blood pudding.
  • (5:00) Swedes love their potatoes, especially the tiny ones.
  • (5:36) Three quick snacks or post-drinking meals: Kebab with pita bread, Swedish hot dogs, original MAX hamburger with the special sauce.
  • (7:05) Seasonal dishes and drinks: crayfish, julmust, glöggsurströmming (“the stinkiest fish in the world”)

Swedish meatballs ("köttbullar")

Swedish meatballs with small potatoes, gravy and lingonberries

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