Major events that affect the availability of hotels in Stockholm


This is a list of major recurring events in Stockholm. Although many new hotels have been built in recent years, hotel capacity may not suffice during bigger fairs and events. Be sure to book early if you plan on visiting Stockholm during one of the dates listed below.

We partner with (see link below) where you can book one year in advance. In addition, you tend to get very reasonable rates if you book that early.

  • Fair: Jan, mid-month – Formex, the leading Nordic interior design arena
  • Fair: Feb, beginning of month – Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair
  • Fair: April (every even year) – Nordbygg, Northern Europe´s largest construction industry event
  • Event: May, end of month – Elitloppet, Harness Racing Championship
  • Event: June, beginning of month – Stockholm Marathon
  • Event: July, end of month – Stockholm Pride & Pride Parade
  • Event: Aug, mid-month – Stockholm Culture Festival
  • Event: Aug, mid-month – Midnattsloppet/Midnight Race Stockholm
  • Fair: Aug, end of month – Formex, the leading Nordic interior design arena
  • Event: Aug/Sept, turn of month – Tjejmilen, the world’s biggest running event for women runners
  • Event: Sept, end of month – Lidingöloppet, the world´s largest cross-country race
  • Event: Nov, end of month – Sweden International Horse Show

All events and dates are subject to change.

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Source: Visit Stockholm