Packing list for your holiday home rental in Sweden

This checklist is for those of you who have rented a holiday home in Sweden and travel to Sweden by car. From our experience, it is advisable to bring along:

  • Bed sheets, duvet covers, pillowcases. In Sweden we usually have 50×60 cm for pillowcases.
  • Towels, bath towels, plus extra towels for sauna and beach
  • Dish towels, dishcloths
  • Swimwear and bathing shoes
  • Raincoats, possibly even rain pants and rubber boots
  • Headwear (cap, hat)
  • Slippers or woolen socks. In Swedish holiday homes you take off your street shoes, which also makes the final house cleaning easier.
  • Garden-flops or clogs are practical if you go in and out a lot
  • Mosquito repellent, both preventive as well as antipruritic
  • Sunscreen. The Swedish sun should not be underestimated. It is usually more intense than in central Europe, for example.
  • Important medications
  • Toilet paper (in case there is nothing there when you arrive at your cottage)
  • Board games, card games, holiday reading, possibly children’s books, comics, badminton, football, frisbee, volleyball or the like
  • Music/audiobooks for the car
  • Optional: fishing equipment
  • For the kitchen: salt, pepper grinder, paprika powder and other spices you like
  • Spice mixtures (bags) are practical for preparing meals in a kitchen with limited space and limited equipment.
  • If you drink alcohol, you should take some with you. Alcohol in Sweden is fairly expensive (for example, 3 liter wine bag-in-box, starting from ca. 200 SEK, as of 2023). You may take along as much as fits in your trunk. You must only be able to provide credible proof that this is for you and will not be resold.
  • Tea drinkers should bring their black/green tea with tea filters and holders. Coffee, however, is not a problem in Sweden, it is usually of excellent quality.
  • Of course your personal clothing, wash bag and medications.
  • Do not forget ID card/passport, travel documents, debit card and credit card (with PIN and activation for Scandinavia). Some Swedish crowns in cash are also recommended although we hardly use cash anymore.

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