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2020: Anders Zorn died 100 years ago – Exhibition at Nationalmuseum

Next year, Nationalmuseum in Stockholm will continue its extensive range of art and design exhibitions in the museum building on Blasieholmen. In the summer, there will be a major exhibition in commemoration of Anders Zorn who died 100 years ago. The exhibition will run from June 11 to September 6, 2020.

2020 marks the 100-year anniversary of Anders Zorn’s death. Nationalmuseum is celebrating the occasion by showcasing Zorn’s oeuvre as a whole to the public.

It will be the first major exhibition of his work in Sweden in many years, with some 150 pieces on display.

The visitor will be able to follow Zorn’s career and artistic development in two main sections; the first showing the period 1878 – 1900, and the second consisting mainly of pieces from the latter part of Zorn’s life.

The exhibition is a collaboration with Kunstmuseum Den Haag in the Netherlands, where it will be on show in the autumn of 2020.

Our image below shows Anders Zorn, Midsummer Dance, 1897, oil on canvas. The painting is owned by Nationalmuseum. We do hope it will be part of the exhibition next year.

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Source and photo: Nationalmuseum

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