Stockholm is getting ready to welcome the Nobel Prize Laureates for the Nobel Award Ceremony this afternoon and the Nobel Banquet tonight, December 10.

Alfred Nobel was a dynamic scientist, inventor and industrialist.

Nobel Banquet

The Nobel Banquet with the laureates, the Royal family and many celebrities takes place in the Blue Hall of the Stockholm City Hall tonight at 7.00 p.m. (19:00) CET.

Webcast: Watch the 2016 Nobel Banquet live

Watch the Nobel Banquet on SVT Play, which is the Swedish public service TV channel. The program is in Swedish but most of the interviews will be conducted in English – and the pictures of the festive event will speak for themselves, of course. The program starts at 7.00 p.m. (19:00) CET:

(Update December 11, 2016: If you missed the live webcast, the above link will still give you the opportunity to watch the four and a half hour long program. Usually SVT makes the video recordings available for at least 30 days, sometimes considerably longer.)

More info

Learn about Alfred Nobel (the inventor of dynamite), the Nobel Museum in Stockholm and the Nobel Prize:

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