Blue-yellow tourist information centres in Sweden turn green

The blue-yellow sign on the major tourist information centres in Sweden has had its day. The sign will gradually disappear during the year. Apparently, it has been more confusing than helpful.

The blue-yellow sign will be replaced by the green sign that is standard around the world. The new sign says Tourist Center (yes, now with American spelling).

In a Tourist Center of this kind you can get information about local, regional and national tourist offerings.

Local tourist informations keep their previous sign

In Sweden, there are also smaller tourist informations that only inform about local offerings. This sign will remain unchanged. It says Tourist Information and looks like this:

Say goodbye – not only to the blue-yellow sign but also to tourist informations in general

Sweden seems to abandon physical tourist informations (with shops and personnel) and replace them with digital offerings. Helsingborg has made a start with this transition and shut down the tourist information centre at Dunker Culture House.

So far, Helsingborg complements digital information with so-called info points in shops, kiosks and hotels. There you can obtain brochures. During peak season you can also see employees on bicycles in the city centre; they can give you advice, and they also carry maps and brochures.

Cost considerations certainly play a role in this decision but also the desire of marketing executives to have more resources available for digital and social media campaigns.

I suppose that other Swedish cities will follow the example of Helsingborg.

Has had its day: the old blue-yellow sign

Source for the first part of the article: Destination Halmstad