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  • Prosecutor: Telia ex-CEO failed to stop bribery September 22, 2017
    Swedish prosecutors leveled criminal charges against former Telia CEO Lars Nyberg and two other senior company officials on Friday for their involvement in the company’s bribery scheme in Uzbekistan. …
  • Few foreign-born pass test to become doctors September 22, 2017
    Only one in four foreign-born doctors pass the exam necessary to practice medicine in Sweden.
  • Reduced sentence for neo-Nazis in Gothenburg bombings September 22, 2017
    Two of the three men convicted for bombings in Gothenburg have received reduced sentences from the Swedish Court of Appeals. The third man received a longer sentence for the crimes.
  • Telia to pay billions in corruption fine September 22, 2017
    The Stockholm-based telecom company Telia will pay $965M (approximately SEK 8 billion) in fines to settle a corruption case in which the firm paid bribes between 2007 and 2010 to government officials …
  • Startups at odds over stock option tax changes September 21, 2017
    The government’s draft budget proposes taxing stock options as capital gains when sold, instead of straight income, which can mean a much smaller tax burden for people when they cash them in.
  • Police chief quizzed by MPs over payroll revelations September 21, 2017
    National Police Chief Dan Eliasson was questioned by the parliamentary justice committee on Thursday over Swedish Radio’s revelations about security breaches in the police handling of payroll and pers …
  • Säpo: Terror threat against Sweden on social media September 21, 2017
    Sweden’s security service, Säpo, is investigating a terrorism threat in Stockholm. Measures have been taken but the terror threat level has not been raised.
  • Sweden's prime minister troubled by Nazi demonstration September 21, 2017
    Sweden’s prime minister Stefan Löfven said on Thursday that the Nazi demonstration in Gothenburg at the weekend had crossed “bounds of decency”. The government has called for cross-party talks on how …
  • Vellinge municipality says 'yes' to begging ban September 21, 2017
    Human rights group, Civil Rights Defenders, says it will appeal Wednesday night’s decision by Vellinge municipal council to approve a proposal that would make it the first town in Sweden to ban beggin …
  • Sweden's first YouTube course September 20, 2017
    Making it rich is an enticing prospect for those signing up to Sweden’s very first course teaching about the streaming video site, but the founder of the adult education class in the northern locality …

Source: The news are republished with permisson from Radio Sweden.

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