Holiday homes in Sweden

Holiday homes and cottages in Sweden

You can book your holiday home, cottage, cabin or apartment here on Booking is secure and convenient. All houses have a best-price guarantee. We have approximately 5,000 properties on offer, in cooperation with atraveo, a company of TUI travel plc. We have worked together with atraveo since 2009, and our customers have been highly satisfied with both the service and the properties offered.

Best-price guarantee for all holiday homes

All holiday homes, cottages, cabins, and apartments are offered with an extended best-price guarantee. It is provided for all properties in Sweden and all travel dates.

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Among the 5,000 offers you will also find apartments, holiday villages, houses, and cabins. Book here – you can choose from 10 languages (English, Polish, Dutch …):

Special properties throughout Sweden

Sea/lake view: Holiday homes with sea view or lake view

Fishing/angling: Holiday homes in an aera that is suitable for fishing or angling

Wellness/spa: Wellness/spa holiday homes with whirlpool, pool or hot tub

Holiday parks: Holiday homes in holiday villages and holiday parks

Pets allowed: Holiday homes that welcome pets

Open fireplace: Cosy holiday homes with open fireplaces

Sauna: Holiday homes with sauna

Boat: Holiday homes with boat

Dishwasher: Holiday homes with dishwasher

Downhill skiing: Holiday homes near a ski slope

Cross-country skiing: Holiday homes near a cross-country skiing trail

Regions with most holiday homes

About twenty percent of the Swedish population (i.e., 1.8 million people) have access to a private holiday home, cottage, summer house or “stuga” (hut).

Most summer houses are located in the Stockholm archipelago, in Skåne, on the islands of Öland and Gotland, in Småland and on the west coast (Halland, Bohuslän, Västergötland).

How much is a holiday home?


If you rent a holiday home in Sweden, you can spend a relatively inexpensive holiday. The costs range depending on amenities/furnishings, location and season from 400 to 1,000 Euros per week, but you will also find cheaper and more expensive holiday homes/cottages in Sweden.

From 100 Euros per week

If you do not have school children and are flexible with your timing, you can sometimes find a smaller house off-season starting from 100 Euros/week.

Packing list

Holiday homes, cottages, and cabins in Sweden

Wondering what to take along? Read our Packing list for your holiday home rental in Sweden.


A typical cottage in Dalarna